Empirical Health

Proactive primary care, scaled with AI

Engineering Lead

$200K - $300K / 1.00% - 3.00%
New York, NY, US
Job Type
6+ years
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Brandon Ballinger
Brandon Ballinger

About the role

Are you an experienced engineer who wants to save lives and make healthcare better for everyone? At Empirical Health, we’re inventing the future of primary care – and we want you.

We’re building a personal healthcare assistant which pairs with a real medical doctor. We’re licensed & insured to deliver medical care in 27 states, signed contracts with 3 of the top 5 health insurers in the US, and are founded by a UCSF doctor and ex-Google tech lead who published one of the first studies on deep neural networks for cardiology.


Engineering Leads are responsible for our entire product–both our consumer-facing Empirical Health app, and the Empirical Clinic app used by our clinical team to care for patients. We’re looking for somebody who’s a builder at heart and happy to directly write code, but who can scale up to lead engineering teams as we grow.

Some examples of what you might do day-to-day:

  • Design and build new mobile app features to help people with Long COVID, sleep, and heart health problems get tested and treated. You’ll be responsible for the full stack, from designing the database schema to building the server and mobile code, to deploying to production.
  • Mentor other software engineers, review designs, and improve the technical quality of our codebase.
  • Train new machine learning models to predict major health events, such as hospitalizations, emergency room visits, or heart attacks.
  • Collaborate directly with doctors (and other clinicians) to design and build features in our custom EMR, Empirical Clinic, which builds on top of Elation, Zus, and other digital health platforms.
  • Analyze funnel metrics for a new launch using SQL or Python/Pandas.
  • Debug production outages and improve SLOs.

About you

Ideally, you have:

  • Strong knowledge of Typescript or Javascript, React or React Native, Python, and SQL, and excellence in the basics: simple code, automated tests, code review, clear comments, and quick iteration cycles.
  • A sense of design.
  • Strong owner’s mindset.
  • Prior experience as a Tech Lead, Software Engineering Manager, or Staff Software Engineer.
  • B.S., M.S., or PhD in Computer Science

Nice to haves:

  • iOS (Swift) or Android (Kotlin) experience is good, but since the majority of our codebase is in React Native, you can learn native development as you go.
  • Prior experience in deep learning or machine learning research, e.g., transformers, training deep generative models, fine-tuning (e.g., LoRA), etc.
  • Prior experience in digital health or bioinformatics.


  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance.
  • Generous equity, with extended option windows and early exercise provided by default.
  • 401k
  • Office space in New York City (currently in Union Square)
  • $1,000 home office budget

About the interview

Our interview process consists of 2 phone interviews, with finalists moving to a half-day onsite. The interviews will cover:

  • System design
  • Coding & algorithms
  • Product sense & design sense
  • Leadership: recruiting, people management, and culture.

About Empirical Health

We're building the future of primary care.

Primary care is the quarterback of the healthcare system–the doctor whose job is to keep you healthy. The best primary care available today can prevent 1 in 2 hospitalizations, but requires 5x as many doctors. That won’t scale to our country, let alone our world.

Empirical Health is using artificial intelligence, health sensors, and value-based payment models to scale proactive primary care to everyone. We’re building a product that gives every user an AI-powered personal health assistant, backed by a real human doctor who can provide actual diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Empirical Health
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Brandon Ballinger
Brandon Ballinger
Raquel Rodriguez Martinez
Raquel Rodriguez Martinez