Entelexo Biotherapeutics

Entelexo Biotherapeutics

Creating a New Class of Drugs to Address Incurable Autoimmune Diseases

Entelexo is creating modern treatments for immune-mediated diseases, such as psoriasis, using novel engineered exosome technology.

Entelexo Biotherapeutics
Team Size:3
Location:Irvine, CA
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders


Dr. Riazifar has worked on stem cells over a decade and on exosomes a subclass of stem cell derived extracellular vesicles since 2012. During his Ph.D studies at the Stem Cell Research Center at the University of California Irvine, he pioneered a cell-free exosome-based approach to treat Multiple Sclerosis. At City of Hope, he was part of a clinical translation team initiating the world’s first clinical trial using stem cell exosomes for the treatment of type I diabetes.

Todd Schurr

Multidisciplinary engineer with diverse experience in cellular biology, electrical engineering, automotive, and more. To quote Einstein, I am "passionately curious" regarding just about everything.

Cameron Taylor

MSE in Biomedical Engineering from University of Michigan, Class of 2018 Co-Founder and CTO at Entelexo Biotherapeutics.