Data Warehouse for Computer Vision

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San Francisco, CA
$120k - $200k
0.50% - 2.00%
3+ years

Why you should join Eventual

Eventual: The Data Warehouse for Computer Vision

Eventual is building an integrated development experience for data scientists and engineers to query, process and build applications on Complex Data (non-tabular data such as images, video, audio and 3D scans).


Daft (https://www.getdaft.io) is our open-sourced Python dataframe API for working with Complex Data. With Daft, users can query and transform their data interactively in a notebook environment, running workloads such as analytics, data preprocessing and machine learning model training/inference. The same transformations that are performed on the dataframe can then be deployed as a HTTP service to respond to incoming requests, helping our users go from experimentation to productionization faster than ever before.

Eventual Cloud Platform

The Eventual Cloud Platform provides an integrated development environment for our users to go from local development to production. We provide:

Notebooks for interactive data science with Daft Fully-managed cluster computing infrastructure to run large distributed Daft workloads Application deployment as services or automated jobs

About Us

Eventual (YC W22) is funded by investors such as Caffeinated Capital, Array.vc and top angels in the valley from Databricks, Meta and Lyft. Our team has deep expertise in high performance computing, big data technologies, cloud infrastructure and machine learning.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Jay Chia
Jay Chia
Sammy Sidhu
Sammy Sidhu