Bookkeeping, tax, & tax credits for startups.

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Fondo helps startups get cash back from the IRS (the average startup gets back $21k). Each year the U.S. government sets aside billions of dollars to reward startups for innovating. Most accountants miss these credits leading to the majority of tax credits going unclaimed. Fondo makes it easy for startups to get their corporate taxes filed and tax credits claimed (up to $500k per year).

Fondolorians are from different backgrounds and spread across different continents. We care and celebrate diversity and collaboration. Our philosophy in product and operational design is highly agile and iterative - teams share context openly and discuss ideas and issues without hierarchy, and our product constantly improves based on feedback. Our approach to execution is one of empowerment and asynchronicity - individuals are both empowered and encouraged to make decisions. We spend time understanding context and learning from each other, to grow the product as we elevate ourselves.

Team Size:53
Location:San Francisco
David J. Phillips
David J. Phillips