Gigwell streamlines the booking process between live entertainers and…

Gigwell takes the pain out of booking live entertainment. We're changing the way entertainment bookings are done globally through a collaborative booking platform. Leveraging a network of thousands of industry professionals and talent buyers, Gigwell's hyper-tailored to the workflow of a $200B industry that still operates on excel spreadsheets and word documents. Gigwell is the first cloud-based booking platform that integrates end-to-end workflow automation for booking and management agencies. We provide a simple solution to manage all artist logistics, collect and track payments electronically, negotiate contracts, talent availabilities, and monitor revenue goals. Gigwell has been featured in TechCrunch, Billboard, DJ Mag, Hypebot, DJ Times, Magnetic Mag and awarded the most notable startup from Sf Nightlife Awards and SF MusicTech’s StartUp Innovators Challenge.

Jeremie Habib, CEO

Jeremie Habib is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gigwell, a digital booking platform that streamlines the booking process between live entertainers and event venues. The company has booked over 100,000 gigs for DJs, musicians, comedians, and public speakers. Prior to launching Gigwell, Jeremie held senior Sales & BD positions at Cisco and several early-stage SaaS companies like OpenDNS where he helped grow the company from 0 - $100m in revenue.

Jeremie Habib

Glade Luco, CTO

Glade Luco

Antonio Sierra, Vice President, Customer Success

Antonio Sierra