We produce & sell stainless steel water bottles that enables people…

GiveMeTap is a social enterprise. Our mission is to make clean drinking water available to everyone, everywhere. We create stainless steel water bottles, and each bottle funds 5 years of clean water for someone in Africa. When you get a GiveMeTap bottle, you also have access to the free-water network of cafes and shops who give free tap water to people on the go. No questions, no hassle. We build water projects in remote villages and elect a water committee to run the maintenance of the water. So far we have made an impact in Namibia, Malawi, and Ghana to bring clean water for the first time. We like to think of this as ‘Water for You, Water for Everyone’. We help awesome companies create custom bottles for their staff, customers, and events so that they can stay hydrated, reduce plastic waste and help fund water projects. Our partners include: Deloitte HSBC YCombinator Google TED Flexport Legal & General Richard Branson's The Lodge, Switzerland Cambridge University Want to get your company involved? Visit http://bit.ly/2j2Ef64 Water for you. Water for everyone.

Edwin Broni-Mensah