GoBuild (fka Brick)

GoBuild (fka Brick)

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The payments solution for small scale construction.

We're building the trusted payments solution that enables small scale construction companies to grow. We help our customers grow by removing the cashflow strains of slow payments, mainly by: - Increasing volume of jobs by offering standardized, low-cost initial deposit options for - customers, - Improving productivity through consistent access to project-based working capital, - Improving expense management by streamlining their subcontractor payout process, and - Removing client collections risk from the construction company

GoBuild (fka Brick)
Team Size:18
Location:Oakland, CA

Active Founders

Drew Barrett

Drew is an entrepreneurial strategist who focuses on finance + operations and has built successful companies spanning multiple industries including real estate, food & beverage, and medical. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and currently lives with his wife Dalit and two children – Ollie and Benji – in Austin, TX.

Chapman Snowden

Chap is the cofounder and CEO of Brick (W21). Prior to founding Brick, he was an EIR at Precursor Ventures. He's an experienced operator with a focus on consumer products, having built and scaled ed tech products for Google and Dev Bootcamp. Chap’s 10+ year career spans finance, venture philanthropy, and education technology startups.