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San Francisco, CA, US
$160 - $220
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3+ years

Why you should join Greenlite

Greenlite creates AI financial crime investigators. Our LLM agents help fintechs and banks investigate money laundering and terrorism financing more efficiently.

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The problem we're solving

Globally, over $2 trillion dollars worth of money is laundered every year - that's about the size of the Canadian economy. Laundered money is the direct proceeds of some of the most heinous crimes in the world - like human trafficking, child pornography and war profiteering.

Unfortunately, with the tools we have today, we only catch 1% of it. Greenlite brings LLMs to this sector, allowing financial crime teams to investigate more suspicious activity in higher quality ways.

How we solve this problem

Greenlite equips financial services companies with LLM agents that review suspicious activity, conduct entity due diligence and write audit-ready reports of each investigation.

We add critical capacity to compliance teams, allowing humans to focus on higher-priority, more meaningful initiatives.

Why we're hiring

Demand for Greenlite has exceeded our expectations and outpaced our ability to build the product. We have real revenue, are scaling fast and have the capital to bring incredible people onto our team. Join us!

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Alex Jin
Alex Jin
Will Lawrence
Will Lawrence