Rippling for the Construction Industry

Hammr is the all-in-one platform for construction companies to manage their back office. Top contractors use Hammr for payroll, time tracking, benefits and compliance — in one place.

Team Size:7
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Brek Goin

Co-founder and CEO at Hammr. What I enjoy most is building relationships with customers, growing our channels, and working on product design. When I was 6, I told my dad I wanted be a builder. Now I get the opportunity to build things for an industry that raised me.

Brek Goin
Brek Goin

Sanket Firodiya

Co-founder and CTO at Hammr. Previously founding engineer at Superhuman. I enjoy building software, product design, and working closely with customers to understand their worldviews.

Sanket Firodiya
Sanket Firodiya

Company Launches

TLDR: Contractors use Hammr for time tracking, payroll, benefits and compliance — in one place. Our customers save up to 10 hours of busy work per week by ditching multiple systems and spreadsheets and streamlining their workflow on our platform.

Hey YC! We’re Brek and Sanket, co-founders of Hammr.

🏆 Why us

Brek has built one of the largest construction media outlets and generated 500 million organic impressions via our social media accounts in 2022. Sanket was a founding engineer at Superhuman and has built software used by millions of users at MyFitnessPal. As a team, we have the unique combination of domain expertise, distribution and engineering to build this company and modernize workforce management for the construction industry.

💡How it started

Before YC, we were building a labor marketplace. Based on customer feedback, we pivoted, and landed our first 5 paying customers based on Figma mockups.

🏗 How it’s going

During YC, we’ve built…

  1. Time Tracking — which has replaced paper time cards or generic time tracking apps for our customers
  2. Payroll — which has replaced generic payroll providers (QuickBooks, ADP, and Gusto)
  3. Job Costing — which has replaced our customers’ workflow of manually plugging project and hours data into spreadsheets

🤬 Problem

Contractors are not experts in running a business. They’re masters of their craft. They enjoy spending most of their time in the field with their crew and bidding on new projects. But today they spend 10+ hours every week in busy work just to keep the business running.

The root cause is tradition back office software is designed for a broad range of industries and contractors are tired of using point solutions with a mix of paper and spreadsheets to manage their workforce.

These point solutions include…

👨🏻‍🏫 Payroll systems such as ADP or Quickbooks designed for a broad range of industries

💬 Text messages for scheduling and reporting

📊 Spreadsheets for job costing

⏳ Generic time tracking apps

🔨 Solution

Hammr is an all-in-one platform purpose-built for construction. We deeply understand the perspectives of field workers who build, foremen who manage the field, and business owners and admin staff who run the back-office.

We’ve combined the simplicity of consumer products into the flexibility and robustness of business software, and created a solution that’s native to how construction companies operate.

Our platform seamlessly combines…

🕦 Time Tracking: Accurately track time and attendance for the entire workforce with compliant overtime calculations

💰 Payroll: Calculate payroll automatically for both W2s and 1099 workers and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations

📈 Job Costing: Real-time fully-burdened labor cost per job helps owners make decisions to drive productivity and profitability

👥 HR Management: Manage employee records, benefits, and compliance all in one place

We’re on a mission to help contractors spend less time on admin work, so they can focus on growing their business and investing into their biggest asset — their people.

🙏🏼 Our Asks

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