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Open source tools for developing generative AI applications

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Why you should join Hegel AI

Hegel AI is building developer tools for generative AI. In our first 6 months, our open source SDK PromptTools has garnered over 2,000 GitHub stars, our web apps have seen over 5,000 unique users, and we’ve landed several companies as paying customers in our private beta. We’re hiring engineers to help build our developer platform to support paying customers as well as open source users.

We’re a team of ex-PyTorch engineers from Meta and Google. Kevin and Steve have known each other for 10 years, since 2014 when they started college together at the University of Chicago. Since then, we’ve worked at Bridgewater Associates, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, on machine learning and natural language processing. We’re backed by Ritual Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, YCombinator, Soma Capital, and other great investors.

Hegel AI
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Kevin Tse
Kevin Tse