Affordable and verified DAC

Heimdal builds machines that permanently capture and store atmospheric CO2. Congress has passed legislation (IRA) guaranteeing a tax credit for each tonne removed via Direct Air Capture until 2044. We are building technology that profitably captures CO2 with this tax credit, right here in the United States.

Jobs at Heimdal

Denver, CO, US
$150K - $250K
0.10% - 0.20%
6+ years
Denver, CO, US / Remote (US)
$50K - $100K
0.05% - 0.25%
1+ years
Team Size:10
Location:Denver, CO
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Marcus Lima

Co-founder and CEO of Heimdal. I have a background in Chemistry from the University of Oslo and University of Cambridge, and a master's degree in energy system engineering from the University of Oxford. Before founding Heimdal I was a management consultant with QVARTZ (now Bain & Co) and developed various climate related projects including a reforestation project in Australia and a solar farm on the Isle of Man.

Marcus Lima
Marcus Lima