Driver co-pilot to make trucking more efficient

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Why you should join Hypermile

Hypermile is on a mission to make logistics greener, safer and more sustainable by increasing the efficiency of commercial vehicles πŸš› 🌎🌱.

We believe this is important as in the UK HGVs are responsible for 16% of the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles but for only 5% of the miles traveled. Plus, while electric vehicle sales for passenger vehicles are on the rise the same can't be said for long haul HGVs. There are such few deployments of battery-electric trucks largely due to their limited range. That is why we are focused on increasing the efficiency of the diesel trucks of today and increasing the range of the zero-emission trucks of the future is important.

Our product Hypermile Co-Pilot is an retrofittable advanced driver assistance system for commercial vehicles focused on controlling the speed and steering the truck efficiently. We have trained the AI algorithms to learn the best techniques for saving fuel: anticipating how traffic flow will change, optimising speed based on the road gradient and maximizing vehicle coasting. As a result we can reduce diesel consumption by 11% and extend the range of battery-electric vehicles by 15%.

Team Size:11
Location:London, United Kingdom