Workflow Automation for Construction Finance

inBuild boosts revenue for home builders by automating the thousands of invoices they receive for every project. For example, when a subcontractor sends an invoice for work they completed, inBuild checks the cost against the project budget, handles any approvals, pays the bill, and updates Quickbooks.

Jobs at inBuild

Ventura, CA, US
$65K - $105K
0.05% - 0.10%
3+ years
Remote (US)
$50 - $75
0.02% - 0.15%
1+ years
Boise, ID, US
$100K - $200K
0.50% - 1.50%
3+ years
US / Remote (US)
$60K - $80K
0.05% - 0.40%
3+ years
Team Size:12
Location:Wilmington, DE
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Ty Sharp

Co-Founder & CEO at inBuild. Previously CFO at Sweeney Development, an Aspen-based General Contractor building $350M in construction volume. Expressing my creativity through building things that people love.

Ty Sharp
Ty Sharp

Ian Sharp

Co-Founder of inBuild. Supercharging financial management for builders.

Ian Sharp
Ian Sharp

Company Launches

Hi there! Ty and Ian Sharp here from inBuild.

Our team is building a platform that automates the workflow of financial documents by plugging into email accounts, extracting incoming documents, and processing them all the way into existing accounting systems.

Over the last 12 months, inBuild has processed over $450M of invoice volume with over $8M flowing through the platform daily.

Customers rave about inBuild saying:

“You often hear 'under promise and over deliver'. I don't believe that is the business model of inBuild, but they continually over-deliver.“ - Joey Zikor, CFO at Finbro Construction


Financial management should be seamless, but construction companies are faced with…

  • high document volumes.
  • no industry standardizations.
  • complicated approval workflows.
  • outdated legacy software (yuck 🤮)


A simple interface that works for you not against you, by…

  • ingesting incoming emails.
  • customizing account details.
  • learning from interaction.
  • automating document lifecycles.


Ty was the CFO of a large luxury home builder and was working with real estate developers that collectively process over $250M in construction volume each year. His brother Ian was the Director of Growth at Gainfully, a Series A startup based in the Bay Area, and assisted in the company's successful acquisition.

The brothers teamed up to tackle this challenge after cold-calling over 2,000 home builders. What they learned was that a custom home takes 18-24 months to build and during that time the contractor will receive more than 18,000 invoices from vendors and subs, each with as many as 100 line items that all need to be verified and cross-checked to budgets and contracts. The process desperately needs to be automated and we have the backgrounds to make that happen.


Please reach out if you know any…

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Hear from the founders

How did your company get started? (i.e., How did the founders meet? How did you come up with the idea? How did you decide to be a founder?)

After working as the financial controller for a large general contractor in Aspen, Ty concluded that construction finances have unusually complex life cycles and very antiquated and disparate solutions. He was frustrated after trying every software available in pursuit of solving the problem for the GC. Ty went to his brother Ian who was assisting in the acquisition of Finvera, a San Francisco-based startup. He presented the idea of starting their own company to build a platform that solved the problems Ty felt firsthand.

How have you kept in touch with the YC community and continued to use YC resources & programs since the batch ended?

We’re inspired and motivated by the success stories of Y Combinator alumni, like Stripe, PlanGrid, Balance, and so many others. Our goal is for inBuild to one day be as recognizable as these brands.