next-gen software stack for running a hotel

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer - Typescript (Remote - Eastern Europe)

$45K - $90K / 0.40% - 1.80%
UA / PL / RO / Remote (UA; PL; RO)
Job Type
3+ years
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Tejas Bhakta
Tejas Bhakta

About the role

What You'll Do:

  • Develop using Next.js for the frontend, create REST APIs, and involve yourself in both web and backend development, including system design.
  • Take the lead in developing new features and enhancing our platform's user-friendliness. Your input in product decisions will be crucial, with a focus on excelling in UI/UX.
  • Engage with both the customer-facing stack and occasionally participate in product decisions.
  • Adapt to the startup environment. Our pace is quick, involving frequent iterations and rapid problem-solving to continually improve.

What You'll Bring:

  • Expertise in Typescript, React, and UX/UI,. Very basic knowledge of Python.
  • A dynamic and results-oriented approach, prioritizing swift and effective solution delivery.
  • Demonstrated experience in quick deployment and iteration, directly impacting user experiences.

Tech Stack: Next.js, Prisma, MUI, Tailwind, Typescript

Nice to Have:

  • Prior experience in product development, especially with external integrations (e.g., web scraping, google apis, etc)

Job Details:

  • The position is fully remote - intended for Eastern European candidates
  • You will work closely with the founder, a former Tesla AI engineer.

About the interview

Our interview process emphasizes practical experience and real-world tasks over theoretical tests. Here's how it works:

Initial Interview: A casual conversation with the founder, focusing more on your approach to problem-solving and less on coding puzzles. Paid Trial Period: Following the interview, we move to a 1-2 week paid trial where you'll work on actual projects. This step is designed to see how you tackle real-life challenges and integrate with our team's workflow. Focus on Practical Skills: Throughout this process, we prioritize your ability to apply your skills in practical scenarios, rather than your performance on conventional coding tests.

About innkeeper

Next-gen software stack for running a hotel

Tejas (CEO/founder) lived in a motel his parents ran for 18 years.

Innkeeper builds software that helps small to medium-sized hotels operate more effectively. Our tools give hotel owners the capabilities that previously only large hotel chains had, but our software is simpler to use and costs less.

We make it easy for these hotels to be online. Create their own websites, manage bookings from major platforms in one place, and understand their competitors' pricing. We also offer features like automated guest communication and dynamic pricing, all aimed at making the day-to-day operations smoother and more profitable.

Our team believes in using technology not just for its own sake but to solve real problems that hotel owners face. By focusing on what hotel owners really need, we're building a suite of tools that are practical and directly contribute to the success of their businesses.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Tejas Bhakta
Tejas Bhakta