Jasmine Energy

Jasmine Energy

Jasmine is a decentralized market for climate assets

Jasmine makes the buying and selling of renewable energy assets easy, accessible, and transparent.

Jasmine Energy
Team Size:6
Location:Washington, DC
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Nathalie Capati

Forbes 30 under 30 in Energy. Previous apple engineer on special projects. Primary inventor of highly modular, energy storage systems. Battery systems engineer turned crytpo fanatic during the pandemic - fun story ask me about how I got into it. I'm now obsessed with creating a liquid market for renewable energy credits to help lower the cost of capital for renewable energy projects. Love to talk about crypto, climate and electric cars.

Nathalie Capati
Nathalie Capati
Jasmine Energy

T. Dalton Combs

Minds, Machines, Markets

T. Dalton Combs
T. Dalton Combs
Jasmine Energy

Matt Mayberry

on a relentless mission to see what man can make of man 🏴‍☠️

Matt Mayberry
Matt Mayberry
Jasmine Energy

Company Launches

TL;DR: Jasmine makes it easy to claim, buy, and sell renewable energy certificates.

Hi Everyone! Nathalie, Dalton, and Matt here to (re)introduce Jasmine Energy 🔋

On Jasmine, anyone can claim, sell, buy, and retire energy attributes directly.

Energy attribute certificates (EACs) (sometimes called Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)  are a $10B market that is stuck in a time capsule from the fax machine era. Today's EAC market is confusing and time-consuming, taking weeks to register and days to trade.

We are on a mission to accelerate the net-zero transition by building climate asset markets that are accessible, transparent, and efficient.

💢 The Problem

RECs are a valuable source of revenue for renewable energy generators and are worth up to $500/MWh! The problem is EACs are still traded using phone calls and fax machines. The whole process is confusing and time-consuming, taking weeks to register and days to trade. Middlemen currently keep up to 30% of trade value.

🤝 The Solution

On Jasmine, anyone can buy and sell EACs at a posted price, permissionless, with settlement in seconds.

Jasmine helps users manage their renewable energy assets by bridging RECs onto the blockchain and enabling DeFi transactions that are impossible in the existing markets. When a tokenized EAC is retired, Jasmine handles regulatory filings and auditing (filing paperwork, making phone calls, etc).

Jasmine provides the infrastructure to make every step of the buy and sell side process more efficient and transparent, allowing renewable energy generators to make more money, enabling commercial buyers to have a verifiable audit trail of their energy consumption, and giving energy traders the tools to operate more efficiently.

♻️ How does this directly help the climate?

Under business as usual, we're not going to build enough global clean energy capacity to hit our 2050 goal of (1) electrifying the economy, (2) decarbonizing the electricity grid, and (3) improving people's quality of life by expanding access to affordable electricity.

A more liquid EAC market will make renewable energy projects less risky to finance, attracting new investors to accelerate the grid’s decarbonization.  We’re bringing those EACs onto the blockchain not just for the transparency and liquidity benefits, but also because DeFi will quickly generate the financial derivatives to further incentivize project financing.

🙏🏻 Asks

  • Engage with us on ProductHunt today! 🐱
  • Use RECs to make your company 100% renewable
  • Intro us to large generators and/or large buyers
    • Utility and nonutility generators (NUGs)
    • Renewable energy builders
    • Climate asset traders & brokers
    • Builders in the climate and crypto space
    • ESG offices & officers

Come join our communities and use our dApp

Homepage:  https://jasmine.energy
Discord: http://discord.gg/qsumZWzkC5 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasmine_energy

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☀️ Jasmine: Decentralized market for climate assets

Jasmine makes it easy to claim, trade, and redeem renewable energy credits (RECs)
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