Keeling Labs

Keeling Labs

We develop ML that optimizes how batteries in the grid store energy

Founded in 2022, Keeling Labs was started as a place to develop and apply machine learning to solve the world's biggest problem—climate change. Our current priority is getting the grid to run on 100% clean energy, which is currently limited by battery storage (specifically, the algorithms that control them). We're redefining these algorithms to unlock gigawatts of untapped energy storage capacity, enabling the grid to run on more clean energy from wind and solar.

Jobs at Keeling Labs

Venice, CA Office
$130K - $150K
0.50% - 2.00%
3+ years
Keeling Labs
Team Size:2
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Jack O'Grady

I build Reinforcement Learning for energy systems. Currently founding Keeling Labs. Previously at Rivian for 3+ years building battery data science from the ground up, where I ultimately focused on applied AI (RL) for battery optimization in R1T/R1S.

Jack O'Grady
Jack O'Grady
Keeling Labs

Company Launches

Meet the Team:

I’m Jack, the founder of Keeling Labs! I started the company because I believe that batteries are crucial to enabling more renewable energy from solar and wind, and I wanted to bring applied AI to the table to help scale the deployment, efficiency, and performance of these assets.

Prior to this, I worked on battery algorithms, data, and optimization for 3+ years at Rivian, where I started the company’s Battery Data Science Team and pioneered the application of Reinforcement Learning to fast charging in the R1T/R1S.

Let’s Talk About Grid-Scale Batteries…

What’s Happening

The U.S. is deploying batteries in the grid at an insane pace, but managing them is unlike any other power asset:

  • They don’t make their own power
  • They don’t have contracts for selling power at a fixed price

Battery storage assets are constantly buying and selling power at dynamic prices, and doing that well or poorly leads to massive differences in project returns. With every new battery and renewable energy system added to the grid, though, the right thing to do shifts. Looking at planned battery additions across nearly every ISO, we can see that changes to grid dynamics will only be intensifying.

How Our Product Handles This

Rather than rely on human experience or hard-coded instructions, we make AI that learns the best way to buy and sell power specific to each battery asset – all on its own. This type of AI is called Reinforcement Learning, and it’s a paradigm shift in how we optimize hardware systems. Our product builds on the founding team’s years of experience with RL-based battery controls and optimization in the EV space.

You can read more about our technology here: https://www.keelinglabs.com/technology

One ask

We’re looking for tech-forward industry partners to work with us as we develop an amazing product. If you have connections to the following groups, we’d love the introductions!

  • asset managers / battery owners
  • utilities

Feel free to send me a DM on LinkedIn to get in touch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackogrady/

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