Keeling Labs

We develop ML that optimizes how batteries in the grid store energy

Senior Data Engineer

$130K - $150K / 0.50% - 2.00%
Venice, CA Office
Job Type
3+ years
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Jack O'Grady
Jack O'Grady

About the role

Our Mission

Founded in 2022, Keeling Labs was started as a place to develop and apply machine learning to solve the world's biggest problem—climate change. Our current priority is getting the grid to run on 100% clean energy, which is currently limited by battery storage (specifically, the algorithms that control them).

We're redefining these algorithms to unlock gigawatts of untapped energy storage capacity, enabling the grid to run on more clean energy from wind and solar. You can learn more about us here:

Progress and Traction

Since 2022, we:

  • Went through Y Combinator (W23 batch)

  • Built our first ML model for energy trading, which is a proving ground for our battery optimization problem (learn more here)

  • Raised a $1.5M seed round in spring of 2023 to bring that model to a real electricity market

  • Achieved regulatory certification as a grid participant in California (CAISO) in fall of 2023

  • Expanded the team

  • Successfully deployed our model to trade energy in California in 2024

We're live in the grid, earning revenue with our machine learning model, and gearing up for growth.

What's Next (2024 and 2025)

With our core tech validated in a real market, we're now laser focused on two things:

  1. Scaling our ML-based energy trading to more grid markets in the U.S. (we're in 1 of 7 ISOs)

  2. Building our larger, more complex model to operate giant physical batteries in the grid (learn more here)

To do this, we're looking to expand the team and bring on ambitious, mission-driven engineers that want to make a serious difference in the climate change problem with their work. The code you write at Keeling Labs will directly impact emissions, control physical infrastructure, and help scale climate solution.

About the Role:

We're hiring for an ambitious, experienced data engineer to help us scale our technology and impact in the grid.

What You’ll Be Responsible For:

  • Scaling, engineering, and maintaining our most important data pipelines

  • Designing and building bespoke integrations to various grid infrastructure

  • Cost optimization of cloud compute resources

  • Data architecture and planning

  • A bit of ML engineering and lots of learning


  • 3+ years of industry experience building data pipelines and cloud systems, with a particular focus on backend

  • A proven history of being a self-starter. You'll be frequently tasked with translating company goals into data implementations. You'll have tons of scope and responsibility in this role.

  • Strong coding abilities — Python, Spark, and Terraform are hard requirements for the role

  • Strong experience with Kubernetes

  • Expertise with AWS

  • Most importantly, you have designed, implemented, iterated, and scaled numerous real data pipelines in production from scratch

  • Bonus: Airflow & Helm experience


We offer full health, dental, and vision insurance to all employees, along with unlimited PTO.

About Keeling Labs

Keeling Labs
Team Size:2
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Jack O'Grady
Jack O'Grady