Kips Health

Kips Health

The only patient engagement software that pays you.

Kips Health enables physical therapists to automatically collect RTM reimbursements with only 5 minutes of work.

Kips Health
Team Size:2
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Jarrett Perkins

CEO at Kips Health. Previously SWE @ Asana

Jarrett Perkins
Jarrett Perkins
Kips Health

Eric Wang

Co-founder of Kips Health.

Eric Wang
Eric Wang
Kips Health

Company Launches


Advent Studios is creating the next generation of video games.

Games where players are also the creators.

With the help of generative AI, players now have an opportunity to dramatically expand on their favorite games. From assets to NPCs, and storylines to dialogue, our games empower every player to create their own in-game content for a never-ending, player-led gaming experience.

The Opportunity 💡:

Gaming is already a massive market ($250B in 2022). But unlike traditional game franchises that refresh every few years, games powered by user-generated content (UGC) can maintain massive user bases for decades.


Because players love creating. Did you know UGC-centric games like Roblox have the highest engagement among all social platforms?

And with the introduction of generative AI, we can now unlock a new category of UGC games that weren’t possible before.

Advent Studios 🕹️

At Advent Studios, we’re making games that take full advantage of AI and UGC. Some of our early games involve:

  • AI narrative storytelling
  • Generative agent NPC’s
  • Customized, generated gaming assets
  • AI-enabled game mechanics
  • User-generated worlds

Here’s a demo video of how we believe the future of gaming can look:

Our Team

We met in middle school and we've been best friends ever since. We’re both avid gamers and have put in more hours into Minecraft than we’re comfortable admitting.

Eric: With development experience at Amazon Games and marketing experience on an esports team, Eric already has a wide range of game industry experience. He also supported the launch of two AAA titles during his time at Amazon Games, New World, and Lost Ark, earning development credits on both.

Jarrett: Spent two years with Asana’s Search and Navigation team, helping to refine Asana’s search relevance and leading experiments that increased Asana’s ARR by $2M.

Why we’re building Advent

During my time at Amazon Games, I witnessed firsthand how much Amazon struggled to break into the gaming space without strong UGC elements in their games. Now that AI empowers every player to be a creator, we’re on a mission to build the next generation of UGC-first games so every gamer can feel how we felt the first time we played Minecraft.


Follow us on twitter to get free lifetime access to closed beta testing for all of our future games.


If you or someone in your network is excited about the future of gaming, we’d love to connect! You can email us at founders@adventstudios.gg.