Patent-pending enzymes to break down common dietary triggers

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We are on a mission to make food a painless experience for everyone through our scientifically and clinically validated products. To do so, we are building a diverse and growth-minded team of entrepreneurial scientists and storytellers.

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What do you love most about working at Kiwi Biosciences?
The culture at Kiwi is a decadent cake. Though fresh, it offers full autonomy of your work, complemented by a rich support system to grow, develop & create something extraordinary, making you inspired DAILY. And providing a life-changing experience to thousands of people - that's the cherry on top.
Anastasia Filatova, Head of Growth
Current Employee
What are you most proud of building at Kiwi Biosciences?
Novel enzymes that address food sensitivities, particularly by breaking down small fermentable carbohydrates very commonly found in fruits and vegetables such as onion and garlic.There is no precedence for such applications and developing these formulations presents a challenging research question.
Shalaka Samant, Founding scientist
Current Employee
Why should somebody consider working at Kiwi Biosciences?
Kiwi Biosciences gives staff a lot of room to grow, own their domain and develop creative ideas to move the mission forward. At the same time, the team is responsive, action oriented, warm and quick with praise/ feedback. It's also a life-changing product that can help 15% of the population!
Jessica Gallagher, CX Lead
Current Employee
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David Hachuel
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