Maverick BioMetals

Maverick BioMetals

Expanding Metal Production with Biology

Maverick BioMetals is a biotechnology company advancing lithium processing. The company was founded by Eric Herrera, former Department of Defense scientist, and Jesse Evans, former startup operations manager. We've developed a biological process to efficiently extract lithium from hard rock deposits. Our custom process is greener, more energy efficient, and cost effective compared to the current methods of extracting lithium. We're currently developing partnerships with mining companies to further the commercialization of our technology.

Maverick BioMetals
Team Size:9
Location:San Antonio, TX
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Eric Herrera

Synthetic Biologist and Explorer- I'm passionate about using biology in new ways to help change the world.

Jesse Evans

working on building bio-based solutions for a greener planet

Company Launches

TLDR; we use a custom microbe and enzyme to extract lithium from rock at low energy and high recovery rates while producing no waste.

Hi, we’re Eric and Jesse. We’re passionate about using biology to solve tough problems and reducing the environmental impact of industry (and saving our customers money along the way).

The Problem

Traditional lithium extraction is energy intensive, inefficient and produces tons of waste.


We’ve developed a synthetic enzyme that completely solubilizes hard rock ores and extract ALL the metals.

This happens at low temperatures, so we don’t use much energy.