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Why you should join Mintplex Labs

Mintplex Labs builds and creates no-code tools that pave the way for creators to launch and grow their communities and brand on chain. Earning our creators over $10M in the last year our focus is building tools that make it easier to do anything on chain that directly benefits their growth. We are extremely customer focused and are constantly pushing the envelope in what is possible for creators utilizing the blockchain well ahead of others in the space and we intend to maintain that position with your help to build out our ecosystem of tools.

Our current tools includes an end-to-end NFT launchpad for large collections, a dynamic NFT manager, as well as Shopify plugins - all of which allow creators to use the blockchain without even seeing a line of code.

Mintplex Labs
Team Size:4
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Timothy Carambat
Timothy Carambat