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Building accessible local AI.

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Why you should join Mintplex Labs

Mintplex Labs builds the most accessible and innovative AI applications for consumers who want to use LLMs, RAG, Agents, or any cutting-edge tool all 100% locally with no code or painful setup required.

Currently, we lead the industry with AnythingLLM ( being the most accessible desktop application that unlocks all of the capabilities you would expect from even a ChatGPT, but with zero setup and all running locally and fully open-source.

Mintplex Labs will be the industry leader for "local LLM" use as we continue to innovate AnythingLLM, but also pioneer accessibility to all solutions that can leverage an LLM like RAG, Agents, and more.

Mintplex Labs
Team Size:3
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Timothy Carambat
Timothy Carambat