Muffin Data

Muffin Data

Modern analytics for CPG brands

Muffin Data is a turnkey data platform and reporting solution for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. We combine proprietary data sets with automated ingestion from industry-specific data sources to provide a clear and unified view of in-store sales performance, product distribution, and supply chain health.

Muffin Data
Team Size:2
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Andres Recalde

Co-founder at Muffin Data working to provide analytics solutions for leading Food & Beverage brands. Formerly at Banza, Gopuff, La Colombe, and RJMetrics.

Andres Recalde
Andres Recalde
Muffin Data

Sal Calvo

Co-founder at Muffin Data building the single source of truth for CPG brands. Formerly at WhatsApp, Facebook, Stanford MS&E, RJMetrics. Talk to me about data warehousing + product growth.

Company Launches

TL;DR: Muffin Data is an analytics platform built specifically for your favorite food and beverage brands sold in retail stores.

😔 The problem

If you’re selling products in retail (imagine any packaged product the next time you’re walking down the aisle at Whole Foods), there are huge barriers for you to take action on your data. These barriers are incredibly painful, costing time, money, and manual effort:

  • Disparate data: all your data lives in separate portals and is hard to combine in a meaningful way
  • No automation: almost no data in our space is exposed via programmatic API
  • No standardization: because everyone is pulling manually, everyone problem-solves in their own bespoke way

📊 The solution

To solve this, we connect to your brand’s major data sources — retailer portals (daily sales for each store and product a brand sells) and distribution portals (shipments to stores and inventory) — to extract, normalize, and enrich the data for common analytics use cases.

Our first product gives the end-user an easy plug-and-play dashboard to understand velocity and distribution at at the retailer, store, and product level. Under the hood, it’s the first unified data warehouse built specifically for food and beverage.

🌱 Our backstory

We (Andrés Recalde and Sal Calvo) met building data warehouses at a startup called RJMetrics. Andrés went on to build data teams in the CPG industry at fast-growing brands like La Colombe, Gopuff, and Banza — and realized along the way how limited the existing data tooling for the industry really is.

Here we are at Expo West 2023 peddling our wares for the first time! 🤘

🙏 Our ask —

  • If you know any food and beverage brands who would be interested in trying us out, we’d love an intro (founders@muffindata.com) and a chance to demo. We’re excited to add to our already-activated list of early customers.