Nano Technologies

Nano Technologies

Payroll app to pay workers daily for retailers & manufacturers in SEA

Nano is an income streaming app which pays workers daily instead of monthly for retailers and manufacturers in South East Asia. This is essential because these employers compete for workers with the gig economy, which pays daily with a flexible work schedule. Nano integrates seamlessly with any HRM/Attendance Software from employers, helping them save turnover costs and build a more engaged and productive workforce.

Nano Technologies
Team Size:17

Active Founders

Dzung Dang

Dzung (CEO) was formerly GM for Uber in Vietnam with 5 million users before Uber sold to Grab valuing the Vietnam business $300mn+; ZaloPay CEO - mobile wallet); Previously management consultant at McKinsey in Southeast Asia focused on banking.

Thang Nguyen

Software engineer & leader which luckily have opportunity to build many exciting products varies from e-commerce & crowd funding, consumer hardware products, enterprise blockchain ... Love to solve challenging problems and create value for society.