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UA / Remote (UA)
$100K - $150K
3+ years

Why you should join NewsCatcher

Our mission

To help companies never miss important news

What is NewsCatcher’s niche?

News API for tech-savvy Enterprises that cannot afford to miss out on the news.

Ideal Customer Profile

Any company that has analysts who spend over 100 hours/ month finding insights in online news articles

Pain Points:

  1. Analysts spend way too much time searching for news and not anlyzing it
  2. Analysts are not scalable + human error
  3. Miss out on relevant information (false positives, noise, not enough time to go through everything)

Our Values

Data quality first

We’re data-as-a-service.

So, data quality should be our biggest priority and competitive advantage.

We fully own the data collection process: web crawling, scraping, data cleaning, and quality assurance.

We provide Service Level Agreements on source availability and coverage; We add new publicly available sources when clients ask.

Product that is fast to adapt to customers’ needs

Failure to adopt the solution is what pushes companies away from our competitors.

There is no one-fits-all data enrichment/LLM/ChatGPT prompt.

Insight: we serve companies with over ten different use cases. There are multiple clients within the same use case, and each still has a unique approach to how they want to solve their problem.

So instead of focusing on a “magic pill” that can solve everyone’s problem just OK, we take a unique approach to make sure our customers are really happy and get a high Return On Investment.

Enterprise-level customer service

As you can see from our home page, we work with quite a lot of big logos (the majority we can’t display due to NDAs). Many big companies trusted us when NewsCatcher was just “two guys in a shed,” so we really try to pay them off with great customer support and service quality.

We know our numbers, and we’re the only solution on the market that provides full transparency to customers on such metrics as:

  • average latency from the article being published to being indexed
  • alarms on websites not being crawled & indexed properly
  • uptime not just for API but also for the data pipeline that updates the index

We aim for high-security standards. We’re in the process of getting SOC2 Type 2 in 2024.

Engineers talk to customers

Most of our customers love us because they can talk directly to engineers. We usually set up Slack/Teams channels where customers can get the answer in just a few minutes.

Potential customers should get their questions answered on the first call

Yeah, we’ll still want to talk before giving access to our data, but the client (usually a techie) should get all questions answered, no matter how technical they are.

Only focus on what’s important

We came up with the company name in about 10 minutes of thinking.

We made our logo in 5 minutes by downloading Figma for the first time in our life and just typing </newscatcher>

Our website was hosted on a super-simple website builder called UMSO for ~$250/year until we reached a 7-digit Annual Recurring Revenue.

Our logo, our name, our website: none of these really matter. What matters is happy customers. Customers don’t care how good your logo is if you solve their expensive problems.

So that’s what the company focus should be: solving customers’ problems.

Meet the team

Why should somebody consider working at NewsCatcher?
Working at NewsCatcher offers a dynamic and rewarding experience. Your contributions have a direct impact on the company's success. Joining a company at this stage can lead to significant personal and professional growth, especially for those who seek impactful and fulfilling work experience.
Rustem Vilenkin, Account Executive
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Team Size:18
Location:Kyiv, Ukraine
Artem Bugara
Artem Bugara
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Maksym Sugonyaka