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A guild of vetted designers that work directly with your startup to ship all your design needs.

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Location:New York

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Agree Ahmed

Cofounder @ NUMI.

Agree Ahmed
Agree Ahmed

Harrison Telyan

Co-Founder of NUMI. I'm a RISD alum with 10 years exp. in the valley and was the founding designer at Imgur, where I helped scale to 330m MAUs. Love what I do, please hmu if you ever need help with anything design-related or want to jam.

Harrison Telyan
Harrison Telyan

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NUMI gives your startup a design department on subscription, with a dedicated primary designer. We cover all your design needs, from product to web design, creative design, and even no code development.

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Good design is now a non-negotiable for startups.

But there isn’t a single person that can do all the kinds of design that startups need: product, brand, graphic, web, and site development.

This forces every founding team into freelancer management hell: they have to source, vet, and onboard designers for each discipline. Half of those designers quit, ghost, or are fired within 3 months.

The alternatives are either to spend $100k+ / year on white shoe agencies or full-time hires or go to freelancer platforms that commodify design (including the work they’ll do for you!).


  • Unlimited design requests, completed one at a time.
  • A dedicated primary designer with timezone overlap. You’ll collaborate directly over Slack, video, and Figma
  • 1:1 design office hours: talk design strategy with cofounder Harrison (founding designer at Imgur, RISD alum), up to twice a month - while supplies last!
  • Full design coverage: product, brand, web, and no code design / development—all included. If you ever need something outside of your primary designer’s skill set, we’ll match you with an additional designer
  • Guild of vetted pros: our guild of designers is invite-only. Harrison and I personally vet every single designer before they join. Our acceptance rate is lower than 2%
  • Backed by community: NUMI’s guild means that if your designer ever faces a challenge, there’s a whole community of world-class designers available to help unblock them
  • Satisfaction guarantee: if you’re ever unhappy with your designer, we’ll match you with another one and handle their onboarding seamlessly


When we got into YC, our startup was growing fast and so was our design backlog. Even with my cofounder Harrison’s design prowess (RISD alum and founding designer of Imgur) in the design community, we were surprised by how much work went into building and maintaining our design capacity.

Since then, we’ve spoken with hundreds of startups who have the same problem. One YC founder told us “I sent personalized messages to over 300 designers but got no responses.”

We figured there had to be a better way.


Special launch offer: try us out with a two-week, $15 trial.

If you’d like to give NUMI a shot, book a call with us. We’ll personally walk through your design roadmap and help you prioritize the most impactful design work.

If you’re just design-curious, watch our podcast Bottom Line Design to see our interviews with design leaders from YC and Instacart, Apple, Zapier, and Nike.