AI call centers for any business

Opencall lets businesses answer the phone automatically. Our AIs answer questions, book appointments, and integrate with existing software. Businesses can get started with Opencall in less than an hour, no code or flowcharts required.

Team Size:5
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

Oliver Silverstein

Co-founder, CEO at OpenCall. Previously streamlined ARM's chip design processes with cloud technology and built an AI to track student outcomes for Northeastern

Oliver Silverstein
Oliver Silverstein

Nicholas Lee

Cofounder of Grey Matter Labs, building OpenCall.ai

Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee

Eric Mei

My name is Eric and I'm a co-founder of OpenCall.ai. Prior to OpenCall, I was a software engineer at LinkedIn, working to improve job posting quality and communications. I'm originally from New York and received a BS/M.Eng in CS from Cornell University.

Arthur Silverstein

Co-founder at Opencall.ai; previously at Verily, Argo AI, and Meta. Passionate about music, design, and eliminating tedious work.

Arthur Silverstein
Arthur Silverstein

Company Launches


Turn missed calls into customers. Even million-dollar call centers lose 10-30% of revenue to abandonment. Opencall captures this revenue – while cutting costs 50-80% – by answering every call with AIs. See our demo or call +1 (334) 218-5183 to try out a more in-depth demo.

The problem: Handling phone calls is hard

When customers call a business they expect fast, personalized service. Unfortunately for businesses, that’s prohibitively expensive to provide. Instead, hairdressers, mechanics, and receptionists have to spend their mornings listening to voicemail, and then juggle phone calls while working with clients. Meanwhile, larger businesses spend millions on call centers which overcharge for poor customer experience.

Despite the headache and expense, they still end up losing revenue from missing calls!

Our solution: Custom AI receptionists

Opencall creates AI to let businesses answer the phone automatically. Our AIs answer questions, book appointments, and integrate with existing software.

  • Easy to use. Businesses can integrate Opencall in less than an hour, with no code or flowcharts required
  • Highly customizable. Opencall can adapt to almost any phone workflow
  • Secure. Opencall is HIPAA compliant and never sends data to third parties (even OpenAI)

How it works:

We’ve generated thousands of workflows based on real-world human tasks. From healthcare to finance to retail support, we trained our proprietary model to faithfully follow complex workflows and be able to identify precise moments within conversations to trigger API calls. This capability allows it to access and modify data in real time to complete entire jobs end-to-end.


Please connect us with your doctors, hairdressers, health clubs, or any other business owners who could benefit from our service!

Call our demo agents and give us feedback:
Medical Receptionist - (334) 218-5183

Research Assistant - (347) 686-8193

Therapist - (240) 410-1238

Sign up {here} and let us customize an agent for your needs!

Thanks for reading! (From left to right: Nicholas, Oliver, Arthur, Eric)