Usage Metering, AI & API Monetization

OpenMeter's mission is to standardize metering with the goal of becoming the data source for AI and API monetization. We've built an open-source platform that processes billions of events into our usage lake in a matter of seconds, which acts as the backbone that serves revenue and efficiency teams.

Team Size:7
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Peter Marton

Hi, I'm Peter. I worked on Stripe's usage and cost platform and built Netflix's serverless infrastructure. Earlier, I co-founded RisingStack, a Node.js performance monitoring company. I recently co-founded OpenMeter.io to help AI & API companies monetize their usage.

Peter Marton
Peter Marton

Andras Toth

Andras is coming from an enterprise cloud and Kubernetes platform company Banzai Cloud (acquired by Cisco) where he mainly worked on the company's service mesh product, Backyards (renamed to Calisti). Previously, he worked at DataCamp and RisingStack & participated in Google Summer of Code two times.

Andras Toth
Andras Toth

Company Launches

OpenMeter.io is an open-source real-time usage metering solution to power SaaS, Billing, and IoT use cases. OpenMeter can collect and meter millions of events per second. It integrates seamlessly with cloud infrastructure components, making it an ideal solution for DevTool, AI, and IoT applications with Usage-Based-Pricing (UBP) or event-driven analytics requirements.

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Why does it matter?

As the PLG (Product-Led Growth) motion gains momentum and the macroeconomic landscape limits growth potential with seat-based pricing, many companies are adopting usage-based pricing models, requiring accurate metering. Looking ahead, it is expected that the majority of SaaS products will offer AI capabilities. To effectively cover costs and generate revenue, these companies must meter AI usage and attribute it to their customers.

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The Metering Challenge

Usage metering requires accurately processing large volumes of events in real-time to power billing use cases and modern data-intensive applications like DevTool, AI, and IoT.

It’s challenging for engineers to balance out scale, accuracy, latency, and cost as:

  • 🎈 Monitoring systems fall short in terms of accuracy and consistency necessary for billing
  • 💸 Scaling databases to handle large volumes of writes and real-time queries can be expensive
  • Warehouses processing leads to stale usage data and longer feedback cycles
  • 💼 Building out streaming aggregation requires experience in handling idempotency and failures

Companies need to extract usage data from various cloud infrastructure components (Kubernetes, AWS, etc.), vendors (OpenAI, Twilio, etc.), and hardware components to attribute metered usage to their customers.

The Solution: OpenMeter

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A real-time, open-source, and infrastructure-first metering solution that you can start quickly and grow with rapidly:

  • Real-time Metering: Instant aggregations and queries
  • Scalable Ingestion: Handles millions of usage events per second
  • Accurate: Precise metering for billing and industry use-cases
  • Fault Tolerant: Built-in idempotency, event backfills, and meter resets
  • Infrastructure plugins: Usage ingestion plugins for Kubernetes, AWS, etc.
  • RevOps plugins: Integrations for Billing (Stripe), CRM, and data warehouses

We aim to make OpenMeter the standard to collect and share usage across many solutions and providers.

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About the Tech

Under the hood, OpenMeter harnesses the power of Kafka to deliver billing-grade and scalable metering. Its idempotent event ingestion uses the CloudEvents specification managed under CNCF. The usage metering aggregations are configurable, which allows tracking specific event properties on various time windows. OpenMeter is available on GitHub (published under the Apache 2.0 Open Source license).

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OpenMeter is built with ❤️ by Tailfin and experience from Netflix, Banzai Cloud, and Stripe.

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