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Senior Backend Engineer (Rails)

$20k - $30k
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6+ years
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Abhinav Chugh
Abhinav Chugh

About the role

About the role

A backend engineer at Peoplebox is a one who loves to look for patterns and extremely resourceful. We’ve got modules that we have built without any frontend but purely in Slack with one Backend Engineer.

You will be exposed to different challenges right from building multi-source integration platform to working deeply in Kubernetes clusters. At the core, you should be great at building system design, great at SQL, breaking down broad-problems into smaller sub-problems and build clarity.

We also value self-drivenness. Have you done something that you did out of what was asked for you to be done? Did you do a hobby project? Did you host it somewhere? Did you try to get some users to it? Did you do something at work that was not really part of the sprint but it added value?

We are looking for a self-driven Senior Backend Engineer who can join us and take ownership of releases that they do.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Typical Day: Your typical day would be building data models and APIs that would be consumed by Frontend engineers.
  • Teamwork: Your success is directly proportional to how well you collaborate with your Frontend Partner. We’d expect you to be pro-active and communicate well over Slack and Calls.
  • Problem Solving: You’ll be solving hard problems in architecture and integrations that enable the business.
  • Delivery: We really value timely delivery. Speed is what makes us different. You should be ready to move fast and release.
  • Self-Driven: We’d like people who don’t like to be managed and want to be self-driven. You are not waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

Experience and Qualifications

  • 4-8 years experience of building backend applications.
  • Experience in working in Ruby on Rails / Python Frameworks / Node frameworks
  • Strong Problem Solving skills - ability to breakdown complicated problems to smaller, simpler problems.
  • Have built applications from scratch, designed and modeled - strong in system design.
  • Excellent skills in SQL and Databases.
  • Bonus: Great Product understanding - be able to brainstorm how certain features should be built for product
  • Should be excited about working in a fast-paced environment with high ownership in an early-stage setup.

Why you should join Peoplebox

Peoplebox is an OKR platform that makes it easy for large companies to align teams and execute faster.

The thing that makes Peoplebox different is that it integrates with all work-tools (SQL, Jira, Asana, Hubspot, etc) to provide real-time visibility on all your goals, initiatives and what's blocking the progress in one single dashboard.

We are techies turned product guys, having built our first startups in Dublin, Ireland, and SF (YC S12) respectively. We joined Practo, one of Asia’s largest health-tech startups, when it had 250 employees and saw it grow to 3,000 in just a couple of years.

We witnessed the challenges of hypergrowth companies first-hand. We realized as companies grow, the problems of misalignment and lack of cross-functional visibility only becomes larger, resulting in poor execution speed, missed goals, high talent turnover, and sometimes death.

Our vision at Peoplebox is to become the Operating System for strategy execution to help companies align and achieve moonshot goals.

Team Size:20
Location:San Francisco
Abhinav Chugh
Abhinav Chugh
Alagu M
Alagu M