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OKR and Strategy Execution Platform for Enterprises

Peoplebox is an OKR platform that makes it easy for large companies to align their teams and execute faster. Enterprises like Disney and Razorpay use Peoplebox to track their strategic goals, initiatives and what’s blocking their progress in one single dashboard. It integrates with all work tools (SQL, Jira, Hubspot, Asana etc) to make it magically easy to track and review cross-functional goals, including within business review meetings. Our vision at Peoplebox is to become the Operating System for strategy execution to help companies align and achieve moonshot goals.

Jobs at Peoplebox

Bangalore, Karnataka, India / Remote (India)
6+ years
India / Bangalore, Karnataka, India / Remote (India)
$20k - $40k
6+ years
/ Remote ()
$15k - $25k
3+ years
Bangalore, Karnataka, India / Remote (India/Bangalore, Karnataka, India)
$5k - $20k
1+ years
India / Bangalore / Remote
$15k - $30k
3+ years

Company Launches

🚀 Peoplebox - OKR & performance platform for hypergrowth companies

A single dashboard to track all strategic goals, initiatives and red-flags, in real-time
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Team Size:20
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Abhinav Chugh

Co-founder and CEO @ Peoplebox.ai. IIT Delhi, Ex Practo, Amdocs

Abhinav Chugh
Abhinav Chugh

Alagu M