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Content Marketer

₹30K - ₹50K INR
India / Bangalore / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
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About the role


Peoplebox solves the biggest problems of scaling people and business growth by identifying misaligned teams and helping them with goals and performance management solutions. We do this by integrating with all your work tools, bringing every cross-aligned goal in one single dashboard to identify red flags on time, and helping resolve them effectively.

It serves as a source of truth for all your strategic goals and initiatives to align your teams and identify red flags early without the friction of new software.

We are currently helping many companies, including Razorpay (W15), Disney, Postman, Exotel, Khatabook (S18) achieve faster business results.


As Content Marketer, you will brainstorm, conceptualize, write, edit and publish high-quality, well-researched and compelling B2B content to create brand awareness and create bottom of the funnel impact. You would be a key stakeholder in implementing SEO guidelines to ensure that the content is ranked high on the SERP.

  1. Create a comprehensive content calendar and manage the timely delivery of content across multiple channels.
  2. Develop compelling thought leadership content in the form of blogs, ebooks, reports and short-form content like social copy, ad copy, emails, video scripts, and website messages
  3. Help the outbound team craft positioning with well-written email content
  4. Follow guidelines for blog & collaborate with other brands to publish high quality content
  5. Write press releases and guest blogs
  6. Collaborate with the leadership team, sales team & product team to ideate and produce high-quality content such as one-pager, customer testimonials, sales decks, etc.
  7. Write content for meaningful webinars, and podcasts
  8. Review agency content to ensure, quality and consistency


  1. 2-3 years of relevant content writing experience, preferably with product marketing teams
  2. Have exceptional writing, communication, and presentation skills
  3. Have experience in creating enterprise-level content
  4. Are a highly self-motivated individual with creative flair, an eye for good design and extreme attention to detail.
  5. You love reading and writing. You are a grammar nerd
  6. You are a self-starter who excels at multitasking and thrives in a fast-paced environment with a strong ability to take ownership with minimal supervision
  7. Have excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritize and shift workload to meet deadlines


  1. If you have Marketing or Communications background
  2. Have good knowledge of SEO and SEO Tools
  3. Experience in Enterprise SaaS

Reporting This role reports to the Director, Inbound Marketing

About Peoplebox

Peoplebox is an OKR platform that makes it easy for large companies to align teams and execute faster.

The thing that makes Peoplebox different is that it integrates with all work-tools (SQL, Jira, Asana, Hubspot, etc) to provide real-time visibility on all your goals, initiatives and what's blocking the progress in one single dashboard.

We are techies turned product guys, having built our first startups in Dublin, Ireland, and SF (YC S12) respectively. We joined Practo, one of Asia’s largest health-tech startups, when it had 250 employees and saw it grow to 3,000 in just a couple of years.

We witnessed the challenges of hypergrowth companies first-hand. We realized as companies grow, the problems of misalignment and lack of cross-functional visibility only becomes larger, resulting in poor execution speed, missed goals, high talent turnover, and sometimes death.

Our vision at Peoplebox is to become the Operating System for strategy execution to help companies align and achieve moonshot goals.

Team Size:35
Location:San Francisco
Abhinav Chugh
Abhinav Chugh
Alagu M
Alagu M