Document collection made fast, easy, and secure

Pigeon makes it easy for businesses to collect documents from their clients. Instead of having to make client portal accounts or create new Dropbox folders every time you need documents, with Pigeon you can send an itemized upload checklist in a few clicks.

Jobs at Pigeon

New York, NY, US
$120K - $180K
1.00% - 3.00%
3+ years
US / Remote (US)
$100K - $180K
1.00% - 3.00%
3+ years
GB / CA / FR / DE / NL / PL / Remote (GB; CA; FR; DE; NL; PL)
$60K - $130K
0.25% - 2.00%
3+ years
Team Size:5
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Adam Bulow

CEO & Founder at Pigeon (YC W23) in NYC. Ex-Google Data Scientist. University of Chicago '18 B.S. Mathematics and Statistics.

Adam Bulow
Adam Bulow

Adam Sharf

COO & Co-founder at Pigeon (www.pigeondocuments.com)

Adam Sharf
Adam Sharf

Company Launches

💥TL;DR We’re building DocuSign for document collection where clients can upload documents into a secure, interactive checklist without creating an account.

👋 Hi everyone, we're Adam B and Adam S – and we’re really excited to launch Pigeon!
Adam B - CEO | ex-Google Data Scientist
Adam S -  COO | ex-Harvard Law School

😩 The Problem: Businesses need to collect documents from clients, but the process is often disorganized, time-consuming and insecure.

To collect documents securely businesses have to either 1) set up clunky client portals with accounts for each of their clients, or 2) create Dropbox/Box folders for each request and email their clients links to an empty folder with a list of what to upload. Both of these methods are a pain for clients, inefficient for the firm, and a nightmare to keep track of.

Firms also have to send out burdensome follow up emails to remind clients to upload their documents, and sift through poorly named and unorganized files to make sense of what their clients sent them.

🥳 Our Solution

Pigeon is a web platform where you can send itemized request checklists to your clients’ emails so they know exactly which documents you need, clients can securely upload documents into the checklist without needing an account, and you can track and manage all of your requests in an organized dashboard. Pigeon will also send automatic reminder emails to your clients to make sure they submit their documents on time.

🧐 Take a look

  1. Create a checklist (or load your template)

  2. Send it right to their inbox

  3. Clients upload documents into a clear, organized checklist

  4. Track all of your requests in an organized dashboard

We also have a host of other useful features including a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, verify/reject, and custom company branding.

Give Pigeon a try

Investors, use Pigeon to track your due diligence document request process and send out request lists

💯 Accountants, Fund Administrators, Insurance Brokers, and Claims Processors use us to keep track of all the documents you’re collecting from clients

😊 Everyone else give Pigeon a try or connect us to anyone you think might be interested!

Feel free to book a demo here or sign up for our free trial at www.pigeondocuments.com!