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Unlocking carbon markets for European forest owners

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Munich, Germany
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🌍 Why we act

European forests are dying due to the consequences of climate change, namely droughts, storms, and beetle infestations. Thus, not only the forest carbon storage decreases, but also the habitat for many animals and plants. A potential way of fighting forest degradation is to adopt more sustainable forest management practices, i.e. planting climate-resilient mixed forests instead of monocultures. However, this can be very costly for forest owners.

🚀 Our mission

Pina's mission is to protect our forests by quantifying and rewarding sustainable forestry.

🌳 What we're building

Pina Earth is building a suite of digital tools for data collection, monitoring, and certification of forest carbon projects. With Pina Earth, forest owners can start high-quality carbon projects on their properties and use the new income stream to prepare their forests for a changing climate. Founded only last year, the startup already has active pilot projects on over 1,000 hectare (∼2,500 acres) in Germany. The founders met at CDTM and joined their expertise in sustainability science, software engineering, and machine learning to help EU forests.

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Why should somebody consider working at Pina Earth?
My time at Pina Earth has been an incredible experience. The founders are very down to earth and fun to work with while ensuring a high level of quality. I was given a lot of trust and independence from day one. The work and opinion of each employee is highly valued while working on a great topic.
Nicklas Schneider, Founders Associate
Former Employee
What do you love most about working at Pina Earth?
I love to be surrounded by talented minds who are working to save our forests and fight climate change. With all the energy and creativity in the room, we are unleashing the potential of technology to quantify and reward sustainable forestry. We will create a more sustainable future for all of us!
Miriam Schmidt, Product Working Student
Current Employee
Pina Earth
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Location:Munich, Germany
Gesa Biermann
Gesa Biermann
Florian Fincke
Florian Fincke