Pirouette Medical

Pirouette Medical

We make injections as easy as pushing a button!

At Pirouette, we have developed a low-profile, disk-shaped, rugged injection device with a patient-centric focus on affordability, portability, and usability. The patented device, based on extensive patient input, is designed to make administering an injection as easy as pushing a button. This allows individuals with limited or no training to easily and intuitively perform an injection on themselves or others.

Jobs at Pirouette Medical

Portsmouth, NH
$75K - $86K
3+ years
Pirouette Medical
Team Size:9

Active Founders

Conor Cullinane

Conor obtained a PhD in Medical Engineering & Medical Physics at MIT and Harvard Medical School in the Health Sciences and Technology Program, and a BS in aeronautical engineering from Clarkson University. He is interested in leading engineering teams to successful technology implementations, not by ordering action to be taken, but rather taking action and motivating others to do the same. He has expertise in human factors engineering, medical engineering, medical physics, and startups.

Conor Cullinane
Conor Cullinane
Pirouette Medical

Matthew Kane

Matthew received a B.S. in aeronautical and mechanical engineering from Clarkson University. He received a MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. He is the COO of Pirouette Medical where he is primarily responsible for FDA Interactions, regulatory requirements, project management, quality management and design analysis. He has previous experience with fluid dynamics, turbomachinery, design, and testing. He loves learning and finding unique engineering solutions.

Elijah Kapas

Eli received a dual BS in Mechanical and Civil engineering from Clarkson University. Experience in design as well as implementation allows for key insight to user interfaces and workability. Eli is the CTO for Pirouette Medical and is responsible for device design and intellectual property. He has worked across multiple industries in roles ranging from quality to supervision and knows how to leverage the key strengths of team members to be successful.