Automated timekeeping and billing for law firms.

Lawyers have to manually track all their client work in 6-minute increments. PointOne uses AI to completely automate time tracking and bill review, helping law firms collect more revenue and saving lawyers hours each week.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Adrian Parlow

Co-founder & CEO of PointOne. Previously a corporate lawyer at Fenwick & West, doing financings and acquisitions for companies like Robinhood and Stripe. After that, was General Counsel and in product and ops roles at Wefunder (YC W13).

Adrian Parlow
Adrian Parlow

Jeremy Ben-Meir

Working on PointOne to automate attorney timekeeping and billing. Was previously a software engineer at Amazon and Google where I worked on search relevance and Ads ML, respectively.

Jeremy Ben-Meir
Jeremy Ben-Meir

Katon Luaces

Working on PointOne, automating timekeeping and billing. Previously worked on a legal tech product at Google before joining Applied Intuition where I worked on a platform for the verification and validation of autonomous vehicles.

Katon Luaces
Katon Luaces

Company Launches

Hey everyone! We’re Adrian, Katon, and Jeremy from PointOne.


Lawyers have to track all their time manually, causing lost revenue and a constant source of pain. We use AI to automatically determine what a lawyer is doing on their computer or mobile phone and generate timesheets for them.


The Problem ⏳

Over 80% of law firms bill their clients by the hour. Lawyers manually track all their work in 6-minute increments and write descriptions of the tasks performed. Those time entries are then used to generate client bills, which partners spend hours reviewing before they’re sent out.

This process is time consuming and error-prone, resulting in:

  • Lost revenue: ~10% of billable time slips through the cracks
  • Wasted time: Lawyers spend 30 mins/day tracking time and partners spend 10+ hours/month preparing client bills
  • Stress and burnout: 87% of lawyers say they find time tracking painful
  • Poor quality: Inconsistent time entries result in client complaints

The Solution ✨

PointOne completely automates the process of time tracking. Our application captures the work done on a lawyer’s laptop and mobile phone, uses AI to interpret the tasks, and generates time entries that are used to bill the client. These time entries are customized firm-by-firm and client-by-client to fit their specific billing preferences.

This allows firms to:

  • Capture 10% more billable time
  • Free lawyers from the burden of daily time tracking
  • Get timesheets submitted daily instead of weekly or monthly
  • Get consistently formatted entries that meet firm and client preferences

Coming soon, we’ll be releasing a billing copilot for partners that will cut down on bill review time by taking a first pass at redlining client bills.

Why we built PointOne 💼

Adrian was a corporate lawyer at Fenwick & West, doing financings and acquisitions for companies like Robinhood, Stripe, Upwork, and SentinelOne. He was chronically delinquent in submitting his timesheets and nearly lost his bonus on multiple occasions as a result. He teamed up with Katon and Jeremy, software engineers from Applied Intuition and Google who had worked previously in legal tech and ML and were excited to tackle this challenge.

The Opportunity 📈

Time tracking and billing are just the beginning – there are many other ways that timekeeping data can deliver value for firms. For example, we can help firms better predict how long new projects will take, enabling them to price fixed fee work more accurately. The data can also be used for staffing and workflow allocation decisions.

Our ask 👋

If you work at a law firm, book a call to discuss how we can help your firm

If not, please introduce us to any lawyers you know! Most lawyers we talk to hate timekeeping but don’t realize it can be automated.