Website builder that works like Notion

Popsy is a website builder with a Notion-like editor. It lets you create professional websites as easy as writing a doc.

Team Size:6
Location:Ljubljana, Slovenia

Active Founders

Miha Mlakar

Co-founder at Tingles (YC W18) Co-founder at Popsy (YC S22)

Miha Mlakar
Miha Mlakar

Mourad Mourafiq

Loves building products. More info on: https://mourafiq.com

Mourad Mourafiq
Mourad Mourafiq

Company Launches

Popsy is a website builder that combines the simplicity of Notion with everything you need to build professional websites. Go to πŸ‘‰ popsy.co

βœ… Notion-like editor
βœ… Responsive out of the box
βœ… Beautiful templates
βœ… Change fonts & colors
βœ… Add navbar
βœ… Add buttons
βœ… Add icons
βœ… Custom backgrounds
βœ… Optimized images
βœ… Manage SEO
βœ… Publish to a custom domain or free popsy.site domain


Perfect for:

πŸš€ Landing pages
πŸ’ Personal pages
πŸŽ“ Resumes
ℹ️ Product support pages


Quick demo: https://youtu.be/BrX1o0NS6HU


The Story

Hi YC, we’re Miha & Mourad, co-founders of Popsy. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹

I've always had many product ideas. Every idea I pursued started with a frustration that is building a landing page. When I discovered Notion I loved how easy it was to publish something online. But Notion lacks many basic features of a website builder.

We started with a simple tool to turn existing Notion pages into websites. The response was great, but we also quickly realized the limitations of that approach. We took everything we learned from it and built a fully independent website builder.



Our only ask is to check it out and give us some feedback. What's the one thing you're missing the most?

DM me on Twitter at πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/MihaPopsy
Or email us at πŸ‘‰ founders@popsy.co

Thank you and happy building! πŸ˜ŠπŸš€