A modern platform for content marketing & SEO.

Start, grow, and scale your inbound marketing and SEO strategy with a toolset optimized for results — not vanity metrics. Our goal is to connect the workflow from end to end, from keyword research to analytics, and the actions that users take that ultimately drive revenue for a business.

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Team Size:5
Location:Charleston, SC

Active Founders

Nate Matherson

Nate Matherson
Nate Matherson

Matthew Lenhard

Co-Founder / CTO ContainIQ

Matthew Lenhard
Matthew Lenhard

Company Launches

tl;dr: We make starting, growing, and scaling your inbound marketing and SEO strategy easy. With Positional, our goal is to connect the workflow from end to end, from keyword research to analytics, and the actions that users take that ultimately drive revenue for a business. We are building the toolset we’ve always wanted. Get started with Positional!

Hi everyone, we’re Nate and Matt, co-founders of Positional.

We’ve been working on Positional for about 13 months. Our company, however, was actually in Y Combinator’s S21 batch. In short, we spent two years building something that people didn’t want. We decided to make a hard pivot, and that ultimately led us to Positional.

🌲 We are back to our roots.

About ten years ago, we fell in love with inbound marketing, particularly content marketing and SEO. Since then, we’ve built and scaled content channels in some of the world’s most competitive industries (e.g., consumer finance, and developer tools).

We’ve wanted to start Positional since at least 2019. As content marketers and SEOs, we found ourselves constantly jumping between 6-7 separate tools throughout the day. We had one toolset for keyword research, another for content optimization, yet another for internal linking, and then an entirely different set of tools for measuring the success of our channel and analytics.

With Positional, our goal is to bring the entire workflow together. Positional takes you from start to finish, from ideation to optimization and analytics.

💪 One platform to do the job.

Today, Positional has 11 thoughtfully built features. Of course, we have tools for keyword research and tracking. But we also have a number of really unique experiences and workflows for internal linking, content optimization, content analytics, and mapping buyer journeys.

🔎 Ideation

Keyword Tracking within Positional.

  • Keyword Research — An intuitive keyword research toolset, providing advanced insights into how your audience searches, engages, and converts.
  • Keyword Tracking — Monitoring keyword performance has never been easier.
  • Competitor Research — Quickly identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t.
  • Keyword Clustering — Never manually check the SERPs again. Keyword clustering is done for you. SERP-based.
  • Editorial Calendar — A simple editorial calendar that works alongside your core SEO toolset.

🙌 Optimization

Optimize within Positional. Highlighting Unanswered Questions.

  • Optimize — A data-driven approach to creating fantastic content that actually ranks.
  • Internals — Internal linking has never been this easy.
  • AutoDetect — Check the originality of content before it goes live. To be upfront: Our toolset is certainly not 100% accurate, although we are constantly improving. False positives and false negatives will regularly occur.

📈 Analytics

Content Analytics within Positional. Highlighting Readmap.

  • Content Analytics — Know exactly which pages to improve and where to make those improvements. Kinda like a heatmap but more granular for in-article insights.

Buyer Journeys within Positional.

  • Buyer Journeys — Analyze user flows from entry points to conversion pages. Use data to optimize content within your most common user paths.

🚨 Socials

Social Listening within Positional.

  • Social Listening — Social listening across your favorite platforms (ex Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hacker News). The first toolset within our social platform!

👋 Getting Started with Positional

We’d love for you to give us a try! Positional was launched publicly today, and there is a trial.

Sign up at Positional.com!

Alternatively, we’d love to hear from you. We’d be happy to show you around our toolset if you’d like a quick demo. You can book a call with Nate using this Calendly link!

By the way, if you’ve made it this far, know that we’ve got a pretty awesome SEO blog and weekly SEO podcast, too!