Cut up long videos into viral clips

QuickVid is a generative AI video tool that automates your short form video creation with a single click.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Daniel Habib

Ex-FB Engineer with expertise in live video, generative AI, virtual reality and scalable systems

Daniel Habib
Daniel Habib

Company Launches

Tl;dr: QuickVid makes growing your Youtube channel effortless by creating ready-to-post shorts out of talking videos (Video Podcasts, Interviews, etc.). For anyone looking for a hands-off solution, checkout our autopilot add-on!

Hey everyone, I’m Daniel Habib.

I just pivoted and am re-launching QuickVid (w21)

🧨The Problem

If you’re looking to grow aggressively on LinkedIn, Youtube, or TikTok,  you should be posting 1-2 shorts per day

For a busy founder, this can feel like an impossible task because:

  • Clipping shorts out of your videos takes too much time
  • Hiring a video editor is too expensive (sometimes over $300 per clip!)

🎉The Solution

QuickVid is your automated video production studio. We take all of your source video content and repurpose it for different platforms at 1/1000th of the cost and time.

Clips are:

  • Auto-reframed so the main subject is always in focus
  • Branded with subtitles and special effects
  • Spliced with B-Roll to keep engagement high – driving algorithm pickup
  • Supported in over 10 video languages
  • Editable, if you want to adjust a clip it’s easy to tweak
  • HD - 1080p supported
  • Graded with a Virality Score to help you find the best clips

How it works

We use our own proprietary models alongside multiple LLM and video processing chains to find and spice up the best clips.

To use, simply drop a link to your video and once processed, you’ll have dozens of clips ready for publishing.

Full Autopilot (Beta)

For those that are too busy to post their own shorts, we have an Autopilot add-on. Autopilot edits and posts one short a day on your behalf, it’s completely hands-off after initial setup. Every Friday you’ll get analytics on how your videos are performing.

👋 Asks

  • Try out QuickVid! (use promo code: LAUNCHYC for a 20% discount for 2 years, only valid until next week)
  • Share this post! If you know any founders that regularly produce content I’d love to connect with them.
  • Interested in Autopilot? Shoot me an email with a link to your youtube channel: daniel@quickvid.ai