Zapier for WhatsApp.

Hilos allows startups and SMBs to run their entire business on WhatsApp, without code. We focus specifically on letting businesses build apps within WhatsApp that integrate with other systems (CRMs, Databases, Payment providers, etc.). Companies can use Hilos to allow their customers to run self serve processes like tracking the status of a package, generating payment links, creating an invoice on demand, or anything else you can dream up.

Team Size:5
Location:Mexico City, Mexico

Active Founders

Florian Raetzer

German & Mexican with a product & ops background. Excited about letting companies build on top of WhatsApp to make everyone's life easier!

Florian Raetzer
Florian Raetzer

Alfonso Lizárraga

Looking for social problems to solve in LATAM through tech and product design.

Alfonso Lizárraga
Alfonso Lizárraga

Company Launches


Easily connect WhatsApp to the systems you already use and automate outbound customer journeys, as well as advanced inbound experiences in a day, not weeks.

The Problem

You want to send an automated message to your client whenever they reach a certain status in your database / CRM?

Or your customers are asking you the same repetitive questions like “what is the status of my delivery”?

If you’ve tried to integrate WhatsApp to the tools you already use, you already know it’s a time sink. Building these integrations takes precious time from your engineering team. Outbound messages don’t show up in your inbox and confuse your team, etc.

How Hilos simplifies your life

The short version is we turn this…

…into this:

Which lets you connect you customer’s answers with anything with our API step 😉

Hilos is the full stack for WhatsApp that allows you to:

  1. Automate outbound campaigns (whether transactional or for marketing) directly via our API, manually or from Hubspot workflows.
  2. Build intelligent conversations that respond your customer’s questions without spending months building. “What is the status of my package”? That’s a 3 step flow that asks for their tracking number, checks it with your API, and returns the result in chat.
  3. And it comes with all the things you need to get started. Access to WhatsApp’s API, a multi agent inbox and a broadcast sender for personalised one off campaigns.

We’d love to get you closer to your clients on WhatsApp, get in touch with us here, or via WhatsApp 😉