Rebellyous Foods

Rebellyous Foods is a food manufacturing technology and production…

Rebellyous Foods is a food manufacturing technology and production company defined solely to catapult meat alternative production toward price parity with animal-based meat. Rebellyous implements novel food manufacturing equipment and processes in large-scale production to produce low-cost plant-based meat at high volumes. These goals are achieved through uniquely designed food products, the use of high-throughput manufacturing automation and ‘smart’ production centers, and the development and utilization of new innovative low-energy manufacturing tools. Working closely with industry partners, Rebellyous makes plant-based meat sustainable, affordable, and widely available.

Christie Lagally, CEO

Christie Lagally is the founder/CEO of Rebellyous Foods. Rebellyous is building a novel manufacturing stack for efficient plant-based meat production to make delicious, juicy & affordable plant-based chicken products. Christie is a former Boeing engineer with nearly 20 years of engineering experience and holds 5 patents in manufacturing technology. Rebellyous designs new equipment for making plant-based meat that is more cost effective, higher quality, and capable of scaling to meet huge demand.

Christie Lagally
Rebellyous Foods