Web apps in pure Python. Deploy with a single command.

Software Engineer

$125K - $200K / 0.30% - 1.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Alek Petuskey
Alek Petuskey

About the role

The Role:

We’re looking for a fantastic SF/Bay Area-based senior software engineer comfortable working on a very early product in a quickly changing codebase and role. Our office is in San Francisco and we work in person M-F.

This role will involve working on some of our open-source projects and customer-facing applications. You should be comfortable with a high level of ownership over product decisions and the tech stack.


  • Help optimize and improve our open-source project. Design and implement new features and ensure that Reflex is well-tested and maintained.
  • Collaborate with design, product management, and fellow engineers to build and plan new features
  • Take an active role in the Reflex community by seeking feedback, integrating contributions, and fostering positive and collaborative relationships.

What We Look for:

  • Very comfortable writing Python.
  • Strong intuition in system design.
  • Passion for open source software and contributing to open source communities.
  • (Nice to have) Strong knowledge of frontend web technologies such as React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

About the interview

  • The entire process is fully remote; all communication will happen via email and video chat.
  • Once you've submitted your application, the team will review your submission and may reach out for an intro call.
  • After the intro call, there will be a technical take-home test and then an onsite with 2-3 technical interviews, each around 45 minutes.
  • Once the interviews are over, the team will meet to discuss several roles and candidates and may be asked one or two follow-up questions over email or a quick call or go directly to make an offer.

About Reflex

Reflex is an open-source framework to build web apps in pure Python and deploy them with a single command. This can be anything from a small data science/internal app to a large multi-page web app.

We launched in December and have seen rapid adoption of our open-source framework, with over 14K GitHub Stars and 8500 users on the waitlist for our hosting service. In parallel with improving our open-source framework, we are now working on a hosting service so users can quickly deploy and scale their apps. We have raised 5M in seed funding in August led by Lux Capital with some fantastic founders as angel investors.

Introduction: Github:

Funding Blog Post:

Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Alek Petuskey
Alek Petuskey
Nikhil Rao
Nikhil Rao