Web apps in pure Python. Deploy with a single command.

Reflex (YC W23) is an open-source, full-stack Python framework that makes it easy to build and deploy web apps in minutes. https://github.com/reflex-dev/reflex

Jobs at Reflex

San Francisco, CA, US
$125K - $200K
0.30% - 1.00%
3+ years
Team Size:7
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Nikhil Rao

Building Pynecone - a way to make web apps in pure Python.

Nikhil Rao
Nikhil Rao

Alek Petuskey

Cofounder @ Reflex

Alek Petuskey
Alek Petuskey

Company Launches

Hello! We’re Alek and Nikhil and we’re excited to launch Pynecone!


Pynecone is an open-source framework to build web apps in pure Python and deploy with a single command. This can be anything from a small data science/internal app to a large multi page web app.

Here is an example of a Dalle Pynecone App created in ~50 lines of Python.

You can see how to install Pynecone and start building in minutes here.

The Problem

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Webdev is one of the most popular applications of programming. So why can’t we make full-stack web apps using just Python?

We found that even skilled engineers who wanted to make a web app but didn’t know traditional frontend tools like Javascript / React found it too overwhelming and time consuming. And even after they made their app, deploying it was a nightmare. We wanted to provide them with a framework where they can leverage their existing Python skills to create and deploy apps, without compromising on flexibility or customization.

Recent no code and low code alternatives have issues. No code solutions that save time in the development process lack the flexibility and robustness of traditional web development. Low code frameworks are often confusing and only solve part of the problem forcing you to use multiple tools to get the job done.


1️⃣ Language For Your Web App

With Pynecone we wanted to enable software engineers to build performant customizable web apps without the overhead of learning traditional webdev. You can make anything from a small data science project to a full-scale, multi page web app in Pynecone. We have over 60+ built-in components and are adding more.

🔋Batteries-Included Hosting

Once you have your app built, the next big challenge is deploying it. Learning to host on a cloud service can be confusing and time-consuming. On top of hosting your frontend/backend you need to learn how to configure and maintain SSL, CDNs, and monitoring/analytics.

Since we specialize in hosting a single type of app, we can provide all of this out of the box with zero configuration. With a single pc deploy command we will automatically set up your infrastructure so you can get your ideas out faster. You can also host with your own cloud provider.

🥞Empower Your Team

Now instead of having separate dedicated engineers for frontend, backend, and infra, every engineer can understand and work across the whole stack. This reduces communication overhead and lets your team go from idea to working product as efficiently as possible.

💬 We’d love to talk to you:

  • Do you or your team use Python and have any internal tools/customer facing web apps. We would love to chat to see if Pynecone can simplify your tech stack and provide value.
  • ⭐️ us on GitHub to keep up with releases and news.
  • Join our Discord!

(A short video of a user reviewing Pynecone)