A visual design tool like Figma, but it makes real websites

Repaint is a website building tool made for designers. You click and drag elements on a canvas, and then deploy your creation with one click. Our goal is to make a tool that allows people to create fully-featured web apps without coding.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Ben Shumaker

Howdy. I'm Ben, one of the founders of Repaint. Before that, I was Lead Game Designer at TempoStorm. And before that, I was a competitive strategy gamer.

Ben Shumaker
Ben Shumaker

Izak Fritz

Founder and CTO of Repaint.

Izak Fritz
Izak Fritz

Company Launches

Hi everyone. We’re Ben and Izak, cofounders of AutoEmber.

(Left to Right)

Ben: Former competitive gamer. Was on the MTG Pro Tour at 14. Rank 1 Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Lived with Reynad (CEO and Twitch streamer) and spent 2 years as lead game designer at TempoStorm.

Izak: Built a crypto trading platform at Cove Markets, acquired by Robinhood in 2021. Previously, JP Morgan software engineer. Computer science at the University of Michigan.

We met over a decade ago playing Magic the Gathering in Holland, Michigan.

😓 The Problem:

Making websites is hard. To make a website today, you either:

  1. Learn html, css, and javascript –> Months of learning, hours of coding to make minor changes
  2. Use a template website builder –> Can’t customize, get a generic website

Meanwhile, there’s thousands of designers who can make pixel-perfect mockups, but then they have to pass it off to a coder who can actually build it.

💫The Solution:

AutoEmber - a visual design tool that makes real websites

We spent the last couple months building a web app that lets anyone make a custom website, end to end, without coding. The user experience:

  1. Make an account
  2. Design your website in the editor
  3. Push “Publish”

Today, you could make a good looking website with a few pages in a couple hours. We’re constantly adding features to make it more 🥧 easy, 💪 powerful, and 💅 pretty

Who its for:

You’ll find it especially useful if you’re:

  • A designer who uses tools like Figma
  • A backend dev who doesn’t like frontend
  • A business owner who wants a custom website without coding

But anyone making a website should check it out.

How you can help

Give it a try! It’s free. We love feedback. AutoEmber.com

If you’re in the market for a website, please reach out! We’d be happy to help you design your website. Contact: ben@autoember.com 👋

Thanks, Ben and Izak