An AI-powered supply chain compliance engine

Founding Engineer

$120K - $170K / 0.20% - 2.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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Elle Smyth
Elle Smyth

About the role

Hello Future Founding Engineer,

We are RetailReady (YC W24) - an AI-powered supply chain compliance engine. We just secured $3M in seed funding to build world-class software that will disrupt an antiquated industry & we want you on board.

What we’re doing here matters.

We’re tackling everyday challenges for real people in the supply chain – that’s the heart of every business. With us, you’ll see your work come to life in amazing ways. Imagine being a part of why Walmart can restock baby formula, helping a health & beauty brand go from startup to Target shelves, and empowering warehouse workers with the latest tech. That’s the impact you’ll have.

This isn’t just another job offer - it’s an opportunity to create your own path and make a tangible difference.

What’s cool about retail compliance?

  • A majority of supply chain systems are archaic - bad UX, weeks to onboard, and old tech stacks
  • There is so much to disrupt in the supply chain space (we call it an engineer’s playground)
  • Compliance is fragmented across brands, warehouses, and retailers & we are first to market to solve operational retailer compliance using non-traditional methods leveraging LLMs, AI, and Camera Vision

Why work with the co-founders?

  • We have operational, product, and engineering backgrounds, working at Stord (a supply chain unicorn startup) and Manhattan Associates
  • We deeply understand the supply chain space and in 2 months since launching RetailReady, have signed 4 customers including Saks Fifth Avenue & Kenco
  • We’re fun to work with - just watch our video & you’ll see :)

Why now? Sarah’s brother took a college semester off to help build V1. He plans to go back to school in the fall, and we will want someone to pass the torch to.

This position is not for the faint of heart - we want a founding engineer that is ready for and excited about taking ownership of the technical decisions of RetailReady. We have ambitious plans for RetailReady, and we want someone who shares the same level of ambition, and has the tenacity & passion to stick with us for the long haul.

We are building out an in-person team & are located in San Francisco. If you’ve gotten this far and are fired up, reach out.

About RetailReady

RetailReady is building an AI-powered supply chain compliance engine. Supply chains are still heavily reliant on paper processes and tribal knowledge, causing costly shipping mistakes that jeopardize the longevity of businesses. RetailReady is the first-to-market with our retail compliance packing software, leveraging camera vision to direct warehouses to ship orders without error. We are positioning our compliance data models to become the operating system that will power the next wave of warehouse robotics and automation.

Team Size:3
Sarah Hamer
Sarah Hamer
Elle Smyth
Elle Smyth