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Why you should join REZI

People have been dealing with the same renting nightmares for years: snail mail applications, skyrocketing fees, broken leases, broken hopes… There have been quick-fixes and band-aid solutions, but no one has been able to tackle all the headaches of renting in a new way. ​​As renters and entrepreneurs, we created REZI to fix what was broken.

We are shaking the status-quo of the real estate space for the next generation of renters by rebuilding it from the ground up. REZI leverages the latest tools in technology, analytics, and finance to revolutionize every aspect of the business. We get rid of the old inefficiencies to focus on empowering both tenants and property owners every step of the way.

REZI takes all risks out of the equation for landlords by guaranteeing their income and taking over every aspect of the renting process. Vacancy and vetting are a thing of the past. Our online platform and solutions make leasing quick and painless.

We built a fast, easy, and free experience to help renters find their next home – starting with an online approval process. We removed broker fees and replaced unnecessary bias with financial eligibility and secure background checks. It’s a fair market for everyone.

Team Size:31
Location:New York
Keenan D. Williams
Keenan D. Williams