Ribbon Health

Ribbon Health

Health enterprise API for data on doctors, insurance, costs, & quality

Ribbon Health is a health care data platform that provides the critical infrastructure that health insurers, medical providers, and digital health solutions need to enable accurate provider directories, reliable referral management, and efficient care navigation. We offer a seamless API layer that integrates into each health care organization's existing workflow to build connectivity across the industry and continuously improve the accuracy of its data with its spread and use. Ribbon is the only solution to offer all of these capabilities in one platform, and delivers the most comprehensive data on doctors, insurance plans, and the cost and quality of care culled from thousands of sources. By providing this infrastructure, Ribbon delivers on its mission of making it easy for every health care decision to be high-quality, cost effective, and convenient.

Jobs at Ribbon Health

New York, NY, US / Remote (PA, US; New York, NY, US; NJ, US; CA, US; WA, US; MA, US; CT, US)
$160K - $195K
3+ years
Ribbon Health
Team Size:91
Location:New York

Active Founders

Nate Maslak, CEO

Nate Maslak is Ribbon’s cofounder and CEO. After years of healthcare consulting at McKinsey, he built and ran the Identity Graph predictive analytics product and business at Datalogix to help drive an acquisition by Oracle. When Nate is not at Ribbon, you can find him trying to eat his way through every borough of NYC.

Nate Fox

Nate Fox is Ribbon’s cofounder and chief technology officer. He got his start in engineering at MIT before going to Microsoft and eventually Unified as a lead special projects engineer. When he’s not busy coding at Ribbon, you can find him cycling through upstate New York and filing for patents on educational toys