AI-Native Enterprise Codebase Maintenance

AI-native enterprise codebase maintenance, including automated migrations and codebase intelligence for engineering teams who need to get stuff done.

Jobs at Second

San Francisco, CA, US
$140K - $170K
1.00% - 2.00%
3+ years
San Francisco, CA, US
$170K - $200K
1.50% - 3.00%
3+ years
Team Size:2
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Eric Rowell

Founder & CEO of Second. Previously Co-founder and CTO of Uiflow, Head of Data Visualization at Workday, UI architect at LinkedIn and Yahoo, author of HTML5 Canvas Cookbook, creator of several popular open source libraries such as KineticJS, El Grapho, and ConcreteJS, creator of several high traffic websites including html5canvastutorials.com and bigocheatsheet.com, and wannabe indie game developer.

Eric Rowell
Eric Rowell

Company Launches

Hi friends! Second provides AI agents that specialize in codebase migrations. Today we support:

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The Problem

Engineering teams at large companies spend about 50% of their time on codebase maintenance including migrations and upgrades. Even worse, many organizations are so far behind on modernizing their technology stacks that they have become paralyzed and unable to move forward.

Our Vision and Mission

Here at Second, we see a future where all engineering grunt work tasks are automated, giving human engineers more space to innovate and create new software. We are on a mission to realize this future by first automating migrations and upgrades for every codebase in the world.

How it Works

Users connect a Second Agent to their GitHub account, select a repository (or use one of our example templates), run a migration module, and get a pull request. It’s that easy!

Each of our modules are hand-built to perform specific migrations, and serve as a high level blueprint or plan. Next, our agents run these modules by utilizing AI, codemods, and other techniques to perform directory restructuring and code changes. Our agents have proprietary codebase scanners, dependency resolvers, and much more. Every migration job is broken up into steps like this:

Why we are Relaunching

Second was in the last batch (W23), but we are relaunching because we have refocused our product on migrations and upgrades only, whereas previously we were focused on commodity web application feature creation. We made this change because it became crystal clear after hundreds of discovery conversations that codebase maintenance is a much bigger pain point for large companies. We are already working with three large enterprises and couldn’t be happier! 😄


  • We would love to hear your thoughts! Are there any migrations that our team can help you with? Please let us know! you can reach me directly at eric@second.dev 🙏
  • Try out Second by going to www.second.dev. You can use Second for free on repositories up to 1MB, or upgrade to Pro for bigger codebases.
  • 👉 Join the conversation on the Second Community Discord – https://www.discord.gg/ZhYUEjsW3Z

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