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Why you should join SimpleHash

About SimpleHash

SimpleHash allows developers to query all NFT data from a single platform. We index multiple blockchains, take care of edge cases, and can be integrated in a few lines of code. We make the lives of developers working with NFT data easier by abstracting away all the complexity.

We serve some of the leading names in crypto / web3, including Brave, Rarible, Phantom and Nansen. We're growing quickly, are well-funded, and have an ambitious vision to organize the world of NFTs and digital assets.

Join us if you're excited by a high impact role on a lean, fast paced team at the forefront of the revolution in digital assets.

We’re backed by some of the best investors and players in the business, including Y Combinator, Coinbase Ventures, OpenSea Ventures, Funders Club, Caffeinated Capital, and a host of extremely accomplished angels, including founders of Segment and Doppler, and early employees of Stripe and 0x.

Why work for us?

  • Fast growth - we're growing quickly, and already count many of the major companies in web3 / crypto as customers
  • An accelerated career trajectory - you will have hands on control building the products that will directly affect end-users, with immediate feedback loops
  • Tackle interesting problems - we’re ingesting, organizing and indexing the metadata and media for all digital assets, while serving it up reliably and quickly for our users - and have a host of exciting problems to solve while doing so
  • Ground floor experience building an early-stage web3 startup - and if you’ve ever wanted to start your own company one day, there’s no better experience than to actually be part of it live
  • No office politics or organizational drama - we’re a small, meritocratic team that trusts each other to get stuff done
  • Competitive compensation
  • Full benefits:
    • Full medical, dental and vision
    • Parental leave
    • Generous PTO
    • Brand new laptop and monitor

The types of people we’re looking for:

  • Builders - people who have experience creating, building and putting their work out in the world - this could have been at a startup, or in a larger company, or your own side projects, but we’re most interested in people who are excited about experimenting, creating something new and better than existing solutions
  • Shippers - people who get stuff done, who move with unusual urgency, who take pride in continual improvement, and integrating feedback
  • Owners - people who take responsibility for their decisions, and treat their work with a deep sense of pride
  • Hard workers - we are unapologetic about working hard, and tend to work long hours - in a startup we know we have to work both hard and smart

We don’t care about pedigree or that you worked at a certain company - we’re much more interested in hearing what you did, how you took ownership, and how you made an impact.

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Location:San Francisco
Alex Kilkka
Alex Kilkka
Olly Wilson
Olly Wilson