SiPhox Health

Wearable and At-Home protein monitoring with silicon photonic chips

VP Business/Ops and Kit Division Lead

$150K - $250K / 0.10% - 1.00%
Boston, MA, US
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Background Information

SiPhox Health is a hardware-first health-tech company.

Backed by Y Combinator, Intel, and Khosla Ventures we've spent 3.5 years building a hardware platform for at-home consumer blood diagnostics. In parallel, we launched (October 2022) a B2C + B2B2C platform that fuses mail-in blood biomarker testing with wearables data for personalized health insights.

We are the only D2C diagnostics or DaaS (Diagnostics as a Service) company that builds blood testing hardware.

Some links for reference:

  1. (note product offering, and about pages)


  3. How our core technology works:

  4. A somewhat dated (1.5 yrs ago) lab tour:

Company Mission

SiPhox Health is focused on increasing human healthspan by:

  1. Deploying a consumer blood testing platform that delivers lab-quality results in the home
  2. Building an ecosystem around this platform to enable data-driven healthcare
  3. Democratizing access through chip-scale integration/Moore’s law (cost ⬇️ scalability ⬆️ performance ⬆️)

Company structure

SiPhox Health has two divisions. SiPhox Home, the R&D team working on our next-generation blood testing platform, and SiPhox Kit, our business division which delivers more traditional home blood testing to 1000s of end users (and growing) every month. SiPhox Kit will be using the SiPhox Home hardware to augment its current offering.

SiPhox Home

SiPhox Kit

B2C Product overview: [Today B2C currently serves a user-base with 1000s of subscribers]

B2B Product overview: [Today B2B serves 10s of businesses ranging in size]

The Role

Our goal is to add an operator to the leadership team who will own the entire SiPhox Kit operation and P&L. You will work closely with the Chief Product Officer. You must have:

  • A passion for scaling complex products and services
  • Relentless drive to deliver the best product and experience possible
  • D2C growth and ops experience
  • Startup experience, ideally as a founder or key early employee

The ideal candidate

  • Has brought a subscription product to market or scaled a subscription product
  • Understands the consumer healthtech space
  • Has a sufficient understanding of wearable data, blood biomarkers, and hardware or has enough technical background to quickly get up to speed
  • Is hands-on, leads by doing
  • Has a great network, knows how to source and evaluate growth, ops, and customer success hires, and can build a team
  • Knows how to manage and scale successful ops functions (Customer Success, etc.)
  • Is able to own a P&L
  • Highly versed in subscription metrics (CAC, LTV, Churn, etc)
  • Understands growth, sales, and marketing functions
  • Healthtech or medical device experience is a big plus
  • Passion for biomarkers and blood testing a big plus

Your first challenge

Iterating ops, analytics, and finance functions to support 10x user growth.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in an operations/business role at a deep tech or health tech startup
  • Experience hiring, onboarding, and managing a team
  • Knowledge or curiosity for all aspects of business - research, marketing, fundraising, sales, supply chain, etc.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • 3+ years startup experience
  • Science literate and hard science background a plus (biotechnology/chemistry/physics/engineering/nanotech)

Please note: fully in-person (SiPhox headquarters, Boston area) candidates are preferred and the role requires overtime hours.

Duties and Responsibilities

This is a company-defining role in terms of responsibility and impact. You will be responsible for everything related to the SiPhox Kit product offering, both the mail-in testing business and offerings based on our in-house home hardware platform. This includes D2C and B2B2C.


  • Competitive salary
  • Very significant stock option package
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO)
  • Free lunch and snacks 🥗
  • Gym membership at luxury Lifetime gym
  • Annual company retreat
  • Bring your dog to work 🐶

How to Apply

  • Along with your CV, please provide bullet points of your key accomplishments to date.
  • Applicants who don't carefully study the company and the product before their interview are likely to be screened out.

About SiPhox Health

Wearable and At-Home protein monitoring with silicon photonic chips

SiPhox Health
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