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Smartcuts is building a new category of productivity software that gives anyone the ability to automate tedious work in minutes. You record your actions just as you would a screencast, and our browser extension turns that recording into an automation you can use and share with others. Here's a 1 minute video showing our product in action.

No product today can claim to be the go-to tool that you reach for when you want to automate anything. Our goal is to be that go-to automation tool that everyone uses.

Our platform will become a universe of discoverable and easy-to-use automations, created and maintained by a community of passionate users. Over time, as a second order effect, we'll have created a crowdsourced engine that constantly maps out the workflows that take place within and between web apps to get work done.

We're currently in private beta and already have paying customers, from individual consumers to well known, publicly traded technology companies.

Smartcuts is founded by the co-founder of Lever and is backed by investors including Y Combinator, SignalFire, HOF Capital, and founders of Firebase, FitBit, HubSpot, Lyft, and Segment. We are a distributed team located across New York City, Shanghai, and the UK. If you are a maker who values craftsmanship and design, we'd love to talk with you.

Team Size:3
Location:New York
Brian Noguchi
Brian Noguchi