Order ahead at restaurants and get rewards with friends.

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Why you should join Snackpass

At Snackpass we are building a social layer for commerce, where you can buy anything with friends. At $60M/year in sales volume, we are the largest social commerce platform in the US.

We are starting with mobile ordering for restaurants, where there is a 600B opportunity to take offline takeout and dine-in transactions online.

While we’ve seen the rise of online delivery apps, delivery only makes up 8% of the restaurant market. The rest — takeout and dine-in — remains offline, anonymous, and on the verge of disruption.

Snackpass is leading the way in the cashierless transformation. Registers are slow, inefficient, and create long lines. We believe that over the next five years, registers will be replaced by self-service kiosk and mobile order, and restaurant workers will be freed up to create food and service rather than punch in orders.

Unlike incumbent POS companies, we go beyond the transaction layer and create a rich relationship between the restaurant and its followers. Restaurants are brands with local followings, not commodities. We give merchants tools to grow and engage their customer base and convert offline, anonymous in-store traffic into digital followers.

For users, Snackpass is a way to save time, save money and connect with friends. We are building a social network unlike any other that exists today in the west. Social buying creates new ways to connect with friends that go beyond sharing text and photos. On Snackpass, you can share points, see other people’s orders, and team up to unlock value you couldn’t get anywhere else.

We have taken college campuses by storm, where we consistently reach over 80% penetration and industry-high levels of engagement and retention. We are now expanding into cities with the goal of being in every restaurant in the country.

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Jamie Marshall
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